0041 – Creating a Marketing Strategy

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We’re talking about how to create a marketing plan.

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  • Suggestions on Marketing Plan sections
  • Tips for marketing strategy
  • Things your plan must address
  • Talk about how to measure your plans effectiveness


  • Marketing Plan Tips
    • John Boyenshttps://twitter.com/JohnBoyens
      • Creating a Sales/Marketing Plan – http://johnboyens.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/creating-a-salesmarketing-plan/

        • So what are some of the key elements in a Sales/Marketing Plan?  Let me suggest the following:
          • Mission/Vision Statement/Statements
          • Vertical/Target Markets
          • Client’s/Market’s Needs and/or Requirements
          • Distribution Channel Options
          • Competitive Landscape
          • Market Messaging (Internal and External)
    • Chad O’Connorhttps://twitter.com/chadoconnor
      • 5 Tips for Effective Content Marketing Strategy – http://www.boston.com/business/blogs/global-business-hub/2013/06/5_tips_for_effe.html

        • “Color” your content. When most people think of the term “content,” text usually comes to mind and can feel like a time-consuming initiative. Text is certainly a critical part of content, but don’t underestimate the value of an image, such as an infographic. Images can often influence an audience even more than text, as it may be more attention-grabbing right off the bat. An image can be the lead point of a particular article, or it can complement your text. It’s a great way to keep your content exciting and different for your readers. Furthermore, infographics are often shared by the original reader, especially with encouragement, which means that a reader’s audience is now seeing your content and spreading your message.



  • The first four things you need to know…
        • Clearly define the business problem. Be specific and realistic about what’s going on, including the root causes. Above all, void the temptation to quickly characterize the problem as a solution: “what we need here is __”. Take it again from the top.
        • Envision the ideal solution. What is it that uniquely makes you better and more attractive than the competition? Confirm that the solution truly answers the defined problem.
        • Identify and eliminate the barriers. Every solution includes obstacles to getting started. Determine what, if any, roadblocks stand between the problem and the solution, such as the need to acquiring equipment, scheduling staff or align resources.
        • Proven experience lowers risk. Consult with marketing professionals for a reality check. Determine what has worked previously and how your solution has played out for others.
    • Ashani Mfuko – https://twitter.com/ashanimfuko

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